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Il caffè di Roma

Elegance meets tradition in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Around the world, Il Caffè di Roma is the Italian café by Lavazza: a cosy and relaxing café which looks beyond fleeting trends to embody the best Italian tradition of cafés as the quintessential place to meet.

Tasting an espresso at ll Caffè di Roma is a ritual to savour in every detail: from the classic and familiar ambience, with its warm and natural colours, to the unique and unmistakable aroma of authentic Italian espresso by Lavazza.

To be tasted and collected
To be tasted and collected
At Il Caffè di Roma you can buy the Lavazza products to prepare your coffee at home.
Il Caffè di Roma in the world
Are you interested in opening a Il Caffè di Roma?

Lavazza Coffee Shops Srl (L.C.S. S.r.l.)

Via Bologna 32, 10152 Torino
Ph. (+39) 011.2305.060

General information: info@lavazza.it
Press inquires: pressoffice@lavazza.it 
Business opportunities: coffeeshop@lavazza.it


Il Caffè di Roma Macedonia
LKS DOO Skopjie

Ul. Bulevar Partizanski Odredi br. 21/1-30
Skopje, Macedonia

Ph: + 38971237517 
E-mail: lavazzaicdr@yahoo.com


Compañia del Tropico de Cafe y te, SL
Lourdes Casasús

C/ Josep Irla i Bosch 5-7 4ª planta 08034

Ph: 93 252 59 80  
E-mail: comercial@cafeandte.com

Il Caffè di Roma UAE
Al Khayyat Investments L.L.C.

Dubai Investment Park, P.O.Box 11245
Dubai, UAE

Ph: + 971 4810 5555
Ph: + 971 4810 5580
E-mail: farah.g@akigroup.com


Il Caffè di Roma Egypt
Aqua International For Restaurants And Coffee Shops

Zamalek, 19 Isamail Mohamed Street
Jedda Tower, Suite 64, Cairo, Egypt

Ph: +2 02 27355160
Mob: +2 0111199992
Fax: +2 02 27365484
E-mail: ahmed_hussam_n@yahoo.com